Location Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Park City

Capital Raised by
Investor Type

Capital Raised by

Private Equity
Institutional Managers

  • Global Fund V $5.5B
  • US Fund VII $750M
  • Fund of Funds $80M
  • Canadian Fund III $250M
  • US Fund $300M
  • China Fund $300M
  • European Fund $400M
  • Entity Sale $50M

Private Equity
Emerging Managers

  • Hong Kong (Fund 1) $220M
  • Hong Kong (Fund 2) $400M
  • Hong Kong (Fund 3) $450M
  • Japan Fund $50M
  • Secondary Fund $70M
  • US Debt Fund $280M

Public Equity

  • IPO $200M
  • Preferred Equity $150M
  • REIT Privatization $150M

Clubs, Joint Ventures,
Portfolio Sales

  • China Club $50M
  • Portfolio Syndication $100M
  • Joint Ventures $100M+
  • Co-Investments $500M
  • GP Equity $10M

Advisory Experience

Start Up Funds

Engaged by emerging managers to develop start up plans, advise on capital raising, deal sourcing, best practices and investor reporting.


Engaged by $6B Fund & Separate Account Manager to develop strategy & transition plan for shift from:

  • Proprietary to third party equity
  • Domestic to global platform

Offshore Office Set Up

Engaged by $750M Distressed Debt fund to assist in establishing Tokyo operations, advising on set up of licensed loan servicing entity, fund and investment structuring.

REIT Privatization

Executed merger analysis for one of the first public REIT privatizations including combined entity analysis, comparable merger terms analysis, peer benchmarking, review of tax considerations.

Lease Portfolio Review

Engaged by Healthcare Investor to review 1.4M SF portfolio, 700 leases, 200 properties for cash generating opportunities including unbilled rents & expenses, establishment of management fees, lease MTM, operational improvements.

Re-Engineering Asset Management

Engaged by $3B Global Fund Manager to assist in re-engineering asset management and loan servicing operations in the US and Tokyo.

Strategic Alliance Formation

Engaged by regional Real Estate Services Provider to conduct strategic alternatives study for globalization. Included competitive benchmarking, market assessments, rankings. Identified target acquisition & alliance candidates. Recommendation of forming strategic alliances in key markets successfully executed.

Re-Engineering Back Office

Engaged by $10B Global blue-chip Fund Manager to perform current and future state analysis of back office operations. Multi-year project to re-engineer and implement best and leading practices across the US, Asia and Europe platforms.


Engaged by $100M fund to identify target fund sponsors and existing LPs for liquidation and transfer of interests to Secondary Fund.

Operator Acquisition

Engaged by acquiring company to establish value of a diversified portfolio, asset management team and operating platform.

Investment Due Diligence

Track record, operational, manager & legal due diligence for Fund of Funds Investments. DDQ preparation and presentation to Investment Committee.